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Marketing Roadmap

Step 4: Grow

You need a digital grassroots campaign to boost your ranking in Google and get found by the right people in the right places at the right time. Our expert SEO and digital tactics team will partner with you and help you manage ad campaigns, display advertising, and much more.

You’ll have 24/7 access to an analytics dashboard that tracks all of your marketing efforts in real time.

Google Ads

KPI: Drive conversions by tracking phone calls and form fills

BUDGET: Determined by preliminary audit, search volume and competition. 

Starting at $1500/Month.
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What You Get:
  • Google Ads that generate leads.
    We target potential patients based on what they are searching for and make sure your practice is showing up.
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What You Get:
  • Awareness campaign that connects your practice to specific health issues, so people with those conditions will search for you by name.

  • Custom Display Creatives: 300×250, 320×50, 300×600
Display Advertising

KPI: Branding and awareness campaign focusing on specific products and services

  • We target people across multiple devices with specific rotating ads that highlight your products or services. Targeting is based on a variety of contextual and behavioral factors, location, habits, browser history, online purchases, etc.

$350 per month

Custom lead generation strategy

We take a very scientific approach to marketing and leverage data to make our decisions. We start with an audit and discovery call to review your current strategy and discuss your marketing goals.

Unfortunately, there is no magic silver marketing bullet when it comes to marketing. Our goal is to form a partnership with your business to generate leads with data-driven marketing solutions so you can spend more time serving your customers.

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What You Get:
  • Discover call to learn more about your business.
  • Data-driven marketing strategy

Get a clear roadmap and stop wasting money on marketing.

Our four-step marketing process provides a comprehensive approach and a clear path so you can finally solve your marketing and start growing your business.



Branding & Marketing Strategy

A guided process to clarify your brand message and map out a marketing plan.
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Website Development & Sales Funnels

Get better engagement on your website and automate your follow-up process.
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Social Media Posting & Digital Footprint

Reach more customers with strategic social posts and reputation management.
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Search Engine Optimization & Paid Search

Throw fuel on the fire and generate more traffic to your website.
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Download our Free Marketing Checklist

We’ve identified a dozen crucial components that are essential for effective marketing. Download the PDF and take time to evaluate your business so you can find out where to focus energy and improve your marketing!